Product Range / Electric Submersible Sewage Pump

The MS range of Mody submersibles have been specially developed and designed for the pumping of raw unscreened sewage and effluent. The pumps can also be used for pumping stormwater as well as raw and wastewater containing large solid objects. The pumps are of a compact construction with a common pump/motor shaft. Standard Construction is of all cast iron parts with special surface treatment for corrosion protection. Hydraulic ends are available in various materials to suit the pumping duty.


The pumps are available with a wide selection of impellers to suit practically every pumping duty with high efficiencies. The pumps are designed in a modular construction, each module consisting of one drive unit with an option of a number of hydraulic ends to suit various applications.

The pumps can be used to pump water containing high concentration of long fibre material. These models incorporate cutting impellers, which reduce the material to smaller particles to prevent clogging. Single/twin channel impellers with large open passageways are used to pump liquids containing large solids, untreated sewage and sludge. Torque flow impellers for pumping sand and abrasive solids for low volume, high head applications.

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