Product Range / Portable Fire Fighting Pump

Design Features

New and more efficient high tensile bronze impeller conforming to IS 318 grade LTB-1

Mechanical seal on engine shaft.

Aluminium alloy pump casing conforming to IS 617 grade 4450.


Ideal Pump for Fire Fighting sevices, also can be used for Dewatering, Pumping out Flooded Cellars and Excavations. It is a Light Duty Portable pump and can be carried / stored in a compartment of the truck.


Single stage centrifugal pump with dynamically balanced Impeller and pressure tight pump castings made of high tensile aluminium alloy. Mechanical Seal is mounted on engine shaft itself while Impeller is mounted on engine shaft extension. Thus eliminated the use of pump Bearings. Pump suction having 3" round threaded inlet with cap and safety chain.


Simple and Compact design of Exhaust Priming unit that achieves suction lift upto 7 meters in few seconds.

Delivery Valve

Screw type aluminium alloy outlet with 2 1/2" Bronze instantaneous Female coupling fitted with cap and safety chain.


Greaves Diesel engine model 1510 air cooled, rope start, delivering 8.3 BHP at 3000 rpm. Engine is mounted on anti vibration mounts to restrict the Vibration to minimum possible extent.

Carrying Frame

Complete pumpset is mounted in a tubular wrap-around wrap-around frame, with the sturdy spring loaded handles, which in turn is mounted on anti skid rubber mounts to prevent skidding on smooth surface. Compound vaccum / pressure Gauge affixed in built-in control panel for easy monitoring or pump operation.

Model No DC6DE

(Confirms to IS 942 : 1982)

LPM : Pump Pressure
545 : 2.5 kg/
365 : 3.5 kg/
275 : 4.2 kg/

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